Scandinavian star sprinkle

Amanda Ginsburg is a hot name on the Swedish music scene. With her incredible singing voice and beautiful jazz compositions, she has lifted vocal jazz to new heights in her brotherland!

And her career has rocketed – she released her debut album “Jag har funderat på en sak”, which won a Grammy Award for Jazz of the Year 2019. Next, she released her 2nd and so far final album, “I Det Lilla Händer Det Mesta” which, just like its predecessor, swept away the competition and won the Grammy Award for Jazz of the Year 2021!

In addition, Amanda Ginsburg has received the “Olle Adolphsen Scholarship” and the “Sveriges Kompositörers/Textförfattares Jazzpris” with the justification;

“There is an echo of our (Sweden’s) legendary jazz singers in her music. She has managed to create new and truly charming songs that are inspired by her story, but which speak with her very own voice.”

The two-time Grammy winner has performed twice in the televised and prestigious, Ålsang På Skansen and on the same stage she performed at SVT’s National Day celebrations in 2021! She has also appeared in numerous musical television and radio programs. In addition, she has approximately 5-6 million plays on Spotfiy.

Leading an incredible jazz quartet, Amanda Ginsburg performs truly refined and pleasant jazz, which from time to time explodes in musical genius from the talented musicians she brings with her. Now she is looking for Danish music arrangers who will introduce her to the Danish live scene.


Amanda Ginsborg – vocals
Filip Ekestubbe – piano
Anders Fjeldsted – double bass
Snorre Kirk – drums

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