Then there is the summit at the shipyard

On Friday evening, Johannes Wamberg (guitar) has assembled his very own orchestra for Ærø Jazzfestival. The orchestra consists of Jonathan Bremer (bass), Andreas Svendsen (drums) and Rasmus Sørensen (piano).

Wamberg’s guitar playing is known from OTOOTO and Tabloid, among others. Bremer’s bass from the duo Bremer/McCoy and the band Tabloid. Sørensen, is currently one of DK’s most interesting pianists, recently returned from New York, he can often be heard with his own Trio – and in some other constellations such as DR Big Band. And we also know Svendsen from OTOOTO – and he is notorious for his Jam sessions.

We look forward to what Wamberg All Stars come up with, this Friday evening at the shipyard.

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