World music

Then there is a concert with the Afro-Cuban septet Ngánga.

The word Ngánga comes from the Bantú people of West Africa and means both musician and healer. The music is rooted in the Afro-Cuban folklore tradition, which all members of the group are deeply inspired by. The group’s expression is melodic and polyrhythmic in a mix of its own compositions and traditional Afro-Cuban songs and rhythms. The group is relatively new to the jazz scene. But it consists of some experienced artists from the Danish and international music scene. Rune Harder Olesen is one of the most played musicians in Denmark. He was originally in OneTwo, but has also played with Gnags, CV Jørgensen, and performed on a lot of recordings for over 30 years. Thor Madsen aka Thor de Force, we know from among Jan Harbeck’s Live Jive Jungle orchestra. They bring with them Yasser Pino g Dawda Jobarthe, two internationally renowned artists, as well as Raisa, Sophia and Cecilia Castro, all three of whom play both percussion and sing. We look forward to Cuban world music and jazz vibes at the shipyard.

Line up:
Raisa Castro: vocals and percussion (Cuba)
Sophia Castro: vocals and percussion (DK)
Cecilia Castro: vocals and percussion (DK)
Dawda Jobarteh: Kora (The Gambia)
Thor Madsen: Electric guitar (DK)
Yasser Pino: bass, guitar and vocals (Cuba)
Rune Harder Olesen: percussion and vocals (DK).

Proudly Presented by Det Gamle Værft