Nana Rashid quartet

Nana Rashid is unique. Together with her band, she will lead you into songs whose depths will engulf you. The music is often slow, so all the details of the song and sound come out. It’s absolute listening music if you accept Nana Rashid’s invitation. It’s beautiful music, even when the themes are serious. Elements from, for example, gospel and soul come into play in some places, all performed with great mastery by this young, debuting orchestra.

With her songs, Nana Rashid talks about belonging, about being separated, about the pain and joy that life gives to women, to the oppressed, to all of us.

Nana and the band’s latest release is “Music for Betty”, dedicated to African-American singer Betty Carter, who throughout her life fought for understanding between people. That’s where Nana Rashid also picks up the thread. The record has received great reviews for innovative vocal jazz.

She herself is an Afro-Arab European with one foot in her father’s homeland, the Oman/Zanzibar/Tanzania area and a mother from Jutland. It has given Nana Rashid a great understanding of living in several cultures, and that depth comes into the most often self-composed songs.

The band behind Nana Rashid is simply excellent. Everything comes together and the vocals and instruments work almost symbiotically. The three instrumentalists in the band actually also have another, purely instrumental orchestra when they are not backing Nana Rashid, namely “Little North”.

Experience a great singer who can tell stories about real people in her songs. Experience a band with great technical surplus that just fits Nana Rashid perfectly.

Line up:
Nana Rashid – vocals
Benjamin Nørholm Jacobsen – piano
Martin Brunbjerg Rasmussen – bass guitar
Lasse Jacobsen – drums