'Sax, New Orleans and party

Jutlandia New Orleans Quartet with Sarah Spencer Jutlandia New Orleans Quartet plays the real New Orleans jazz with juicy swinging rhythm and – predominantly – collective wind improvisation. The quartet is composed of musicians who have been playing this type of music since their childhood and now master it to perfection. Over the years, they have all played with well-known bands and soloists at home and abroad and are now gathered in this quartet, which has thrilled in jazz clubs and at festivals. On this occasion, the quartet has once again expanded with legendary tenor saxophonist and singer Sarah Spencer, who is flown in from London. Sarah is a bit of a legend and has played with bands all over the world. Although her primary love is the revival of New Orleans jazz, she is equally competent and comfortable playing any form of traditional jazz (e.g., Dixieland, West Coast, New Orleans, and small band swing). On sarah-spencer.com, Jazfax Magazine reviewed Sarah’s performance like this: “It’s no wonder the remarkable blower continues to be in demand. This is a musician who clearly feels the music! When she’s not playing, she moves her lips to texts, real or imagined. She buzzes loudly. She jumps in her chair. She claps in tact. And her singing is simply transgressive when she opens her mouth wide and lets the notes send the words into the ether. She hardly needs reinforcement.”

Look forward to meeting Jutlandia New Orleans Quartet as a quintet and to a great jazz experience!

Sarah Spencer, tenor sax, vocal
Leif Bjørnø, clarinet.
Jørgen Munksgaard Nielsen, trumpet, trombone, vocal.
Flemming Lauritsen, banjo, vocal.
Jørgen Riis Jepsen, bass.


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