Jazz for children ...

Over the past several years, Mek Pek has built up a solid image as a friend of the children. With an extraordinary energy, humor and sincere joy, he entertains children, their parents and all other childish souls.

The repertoire is from Mek Pek &Habbasutterne’s 3 children’s albums and together with the well-known songs from the Oh Abe records, they deliver a wonderful and lively show filled with “lie stories” from Mek Pek’s 7 1/2 year life – “The Boy” fortunately never gets older.

The most popular live band among children is now well known in Denmark. With about 100 concerts a year, one might well wonder why a concert with Mek Pek and the Habasutters never becomes boring or trivial show. The answer lies in Mek Pek’s eminent sense of the individual audience. Every job is a new and exciting challenge for him, and it is equally important to him that the audience gets a good experience to take home.

Proudly presented by Det Gamle Værft